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Galesburg, IL brides?

Are there any other Galesburg area brides on here?  Is this the right local board for Galesburg knotties?

I'm looking for what my venue options are.  I've found a few (Lake Storey Pavilion, Walnut Grove Farm), but I want more options!!

Has anyone else had better luck?

Re: Galesburg, IL brides?

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    Hi!  I am in Springfield but I still wanted to say hi.  This board doesn't have a whole lot of activity but there are a few central Illinois brides.
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    i'm having my wedding in springfield, but grew up in the quadcities :) good luck planning!
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    Where in Springfield are you getting married?
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    I'm a Galesburg bride! I grew up in Knoxville. We're getting married at Lake Storey in October. I'm having a heck of a time finding vendors, but I'm getting there. If you need any advice or have any for me, let me know!
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    I don't know what your budget is, but the Orpheum Theater is absolutely gorgeous for a wedding. A girl I know from school got married there and her pictures are fabulous. I looked at it, but it was way out of our budget.
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    Angel, we don't have a HUGE budget.  What was the Orpheum running?

    We live in Knoxville now.. just moved!! Me from Peoria, and him from northern IL.. both teach in Galesburg though. 

    There's just not a lot here!
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    Sorry Tara! Forgot all about this thread! They blocked The Knot at work so haven't been there in a while. I see you found a venue. Where is it? Have you had any luck finding a caterer? We just decided we needed one and I'm having a heck of a time!
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    Hi :)

    I know my FI's cousin had his wedding at their church and the reception was held at the ballroom of the Kensington on Simmons.

    I don't know if its open for weddings, but I always thought the chapel from St. Mary's school in Knoxville would be a perfect place for photos.

    ETA: here's some more venues that were listed on the Galesburg Bridal & Prom expo's website (from their 2010? show)

    Best Western Prairie Inn (my folks did a work event there and said it was nice)
    Indian Creek Vineyard (Toulon)
    Knights of Columbus Hall
    Lake Braken Country Club
    Legends Banquet Hall (could be neat for a theme wedding)
    Soangetaha Country Club
    West End Gardens (Davenport)

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