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We found this amazing rental place.  We are from indiana, moved to illinois and are getting married in Kansas (long story)  anyways, i wanted to share this awesome deal we got.  We were looking into buying our linens, napkins, skirts etc and we ended up being able to rent them for cheaper then buying.  We got all of our napkins about .15 cheaper then buying, table linens for under $4, skirting and clips for half of the purchase price.  After shipping it was still $125 cheaper then the online stores and their free shipping.  We bought 1 table cloth from two companies and the quality from simple to elegant was way better and i wont have to pull them out of some plastic bag and then iron them or figure out what to do with them when we are done.  We use them, and ship them back in the boxes they come in.  They also sent us a sample so we could see the quality.  This place rocks and they gave us great service which is important to my fiance since he is in the customer service field in retail.  I just wanted to share our great story with you as it seems like when planning a wedding and a move all at the same time nothing can go the way you want. We found them on here under indiana party rentals!!!  Thanks knot!


  • WOW THATS CRAZY!!! We are using them as well.  You are right, they have great prices on their stuff and the quality is far superior to anywhere else. 
  • What is the name of the rental company? Sounds like they have awesome deals.
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:618Discussion:d5dd8e70-d8e3-4df9-a871-a00754a97fe1Post:29c35f6f-ebd3-4d5e-92e8-39bc3abe39d8">Re: AMAZING RENTAL PLACE</a>:
    [QUOTE]What is the name of the rental company? Sounds like they have awesome deals.
    Posted by ksblumb[/QUOTE]

    Simple to Elegant.  Its hard to tell from the OP's post due to lack of capitalization.  Although, I'm not entirely convinced that OP isn't a vendor since most (but not all) of their posts seem to mention this particular vendor.
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