ivy hills wedding

I am considering ivy Hills Country Club but am very unsure about the seperate room issue. Has any had a wedding there or have been to one and could tell me about. Was everyone able to see from their seats. We will have about 160180 people. Thanks for the help!!!

Re: ivy hills wedding

  • We had our reception there in April 2012. I definately had resevations about the separate rooms. We ended up only having 120 guests and so we only used the two big rooms and used the bar area for cocktail hour. We thought we we going to have 175 and were going to have to use all thee rooms initially to seat guests. It's not ideal. We gad a groomsmen feel slighted because he was not in the main room because we did a sweetheart table. We had our dance floor in the main room and most could see our first dance and if they couldn't they moved to see. We would place our sweetheart tabled differently I think to be more central instead of in front of the big window. It was only during dinner, first dance and cake cutting that it is restricted and really, everyone crowds the cake cutting no matter where you are. In the end, even given the limitation I still would have chosen Ivy Hills. We loved the outside decor, inside decor and being on a golf course and felt the price was right for what we got. Go to danielmicheals.com. Click on blog, then ivy hills link, then the Facebook link and you can see how we used the rooms.
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