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Too many colors...?

Early stages of wedding planning, tryig to decide colors. Our Wedding is NYE 2012. 

The Bridal party would be in Eggplant, with yellow/white flowers

I am thinking decorations would be alot of silver/white/eggplant/yellow- is this too many? My thoughts are mainly silver and white decorations since its NYE, with eggplant/yellow flowers. 

I would eliminate the yellow if too many colors, only problem is that yellow is my FAVORITE color :(

Re: Too many colors...?

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    i'm having jade BM dresses and groomsmen vest, oraange flowers, orange vest for ushers, silver for grooms vest (he's a rah-tard and decided it looked better), orange and white flowers for my flowers....i think your amount of colors is fine...

    what part of central illinois?
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  • I think it would be just fine.  Don't try to stick every color in every spot though, space them out.  Maybe do small silver and white small table decorations, with eggplant and yellow flowers in a simple vase. 
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