wedding band recommendations?

Hey there western MA folks, 

I'm getting married next June in the Berkshires.  Does anyone have any suggestions about not-too-expensive, but good bands in the area?  I'm looking for a band that can get everyone dancing, play some funk and soul, but ideally could also do some fun, non-standard songs as well.    


Re: wedding band recommendations?

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    Hey Sarah,
    I am getting married 1/1/11 and currently looking for a band as well. We did hear a good band at the Tavern in Westfield, called "Good Acoustics". They are 3 teachers that got together to form a band. Their website is

    They charge $300/hr. They have music on their website you can listen too as well. Not sure if this helps, or if you will like them, but give it a shot. Also, you could take a look at Gary S. Jones. He sings/plays guitar and then can roll into DJ. is his website. 

    If you find anything let me know as well. 

    Good Luck
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    Hi this is Dan Kennedy of the wedding band Cool Beans.  Are you still looking for a band for June in Western Massachusetts?  We're already here!  Our music is a combination of Soul/R&B, dance music, 80s pop, 90s, and newer songs.  We will get people out on the dance floor in a flash.  We are an 8-piece band with a male singer, female singer, sax and trumpet.  We have lots of experience.  Call me at (413)256-8640 to learn more.  You can also visit our electronic press package where you can hear us and see us at
    .  Good luck!
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    Anyone hear Soul Sensations at a wedding?
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