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I will start by saying most of this is my fault for being irresponsible and losing track of my summer. Any way, I just realized that my engagement photos are this week, and I wanted to have my make up done, so I called Ochoa, as they are the only local day spa open earlier enough for when my photos are scheduled... or so I thought. I called and explained I needed my make up done at 9 and the women on the phone responded well we dont open until 11 on wednesday sorry. I let her know that her website advertises that they open up at 9am, her response was basically I'm glad its not my job to keep the website up to date. How rude. No I am definately taking my wedding business somewhere else. I dont even want to go to use the gift certificate I have...

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  • sherwrightsherwright member
    edited December 2011
    That sux.  Im sorry.  I didnt use them because they were too expensive.  Do you have a MAC in your mall?  or Sephora?You could ask Vivid?I had a bad trial at B&B so I cant recommend them.
  • Shoefly21Shoefly21 member
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    edited December 2011
    I would go to Sephora that morning & have them do it for free!! Maybe buy the lipgloss or something, but have them do it up for you. There is a new one at the Holyoke mall...
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  • snoopy3319snoopy3319 member
    edited December 2011
    I 2nd going to the mall counters, because the mall should be open early enough for you. If not, I recommend Vivid Salon in Westfield. They'll open a little early for you if you tell them the circumstances I think.
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