Do I add straps or leave strapless?

My one condition when trying on wedding dresses was that it had to have straps.

But after trying on a few styles I actually warmed to the idea of strapless and ended up picking this lovely one from Watters.

I've been assured that when fitted it won't move and will sit nice and tight. But because I'm not regularly a strapless kind of gal and want to be sure I'm not fidgety all night, I was thinking of adding detachable straps (probably spaghetti).

Any thoughts? Anyone do this with their dress? Thanks, ladies!
2 dress pics are here:

Re: Do I add straps or leave strapless?

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    I rarely wear strapless, my dress is strapless. The way my dress is constructed I am sure it will stay up all night.  Wedding dresses are constructed better than other dresses.
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    It's a lovely dress, but it was pretty clearly meant to be strapless and you might not end up liking the look with straps.  I have the same concerns about a strapless dress but I think you just need to make sure that it does fit snugly on top  when the alterations are done and also make sure you have properly supportive undergarments.  If you're anywhere near Boston or NYC, Intimacy does a great job at fitting bras, although they don't specialize in bridal lingerie.
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