WEBN fireworks on wedding night!!!! KY side picture places?

Hey guys!

I am getting married on the night of the big WEBN fireworks and am having quite a difficult time thinking of places we can get pictures the day of our wedding. Does anyone has any suggestions of where we could get pictures before since downtown and anywhere near there really is going to be so crazy with people setting up thier seats for the fireworks? We are really hoping to get a beautiful location not too far from Fort Thomas (NKY). If you have ANY suggestions at all, they would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and happy planning to everyone!

Re: WEBN fireworks on wedding night!!!! KY side picture places?

  • Wow that is a great idea! Yes, we had our engagement pics at Devou Park which has a great view of Cincinnati, and I'm sure would be a great place to see the fireworks. However. You also need to realize that there will probably be a TON of people in the public places such as Devou Park. So. My suggestion is to find a private building or something to get a good shot with the fireworks so that you're not making a lot of people by standing in front of them during the fireworks.

    Also. You need to remember that traffic is a nightmare anywhere near downtown Cinci/Newport, so you need to arrange for extra travel time for pretty much the whole day.
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