hi, new here!

Hi Ladies! 
Just thought that I'd introduce myself - I've finally started posting after lurking around for a while.  I'm getting married July 30th 2011 - at the Red Barn at Hampshire College (is anyone else having their wedding there?) other than that I'm in the preliminary stages of planning, but there aren't too many posts on this board!  I still have to find a dress, a florist, photographer, baker...  Everyone seems to have opposite opinions on all sorts of vendors, no unanamous positive votes for anyone?  If you do have any rave reviews for area vendors please let me know!  (I'm long distance planning, currently in LA soon to be living in Philly) - so thanks!
Anyways hope you've all had a good week - it's almost Friday!

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    Welcome and good luck with all your planning. If you are looking for more action the Boston board is really active and most vendors are willing to travel, or some are even located in western mass but are known in Boston because they can get a lot more business there.
    As for any raves... I have chosen the cake lady (Diane Rockwell, out of central ma) and her stuff is fantastic. she's been in the business thirty years or something. Portrait New England is my photographer and I was really pleased with the engagement pictures and they were awesome to work with. They did mention that they are newer to the business so I don't know if anyone on here will be talking about them. Other than that, it's still in the works or diy.
    Good luck to you again
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    First thing, you're getting married on my birthday, so that makes it a great day! LOL!

    I looked at the Red Barn for our reception but my FI wasn't thrilled about it, so we're not having it there. I on the other hand really liked it b/c it was different then some boring old hall.

    I can rave about my florist, Flowers by Rebecca.
    or on Facebook at:

    she's really nice and she's wholesale so that makes things less expensive which is the big plus!

    Hope this helps and congrats!

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    Atkins has wonderful flowers. My sister just had her wedding and used them.
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    thanks ladies!  I've looked into a few of these and they look great!
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    Hi!  I'm a bit of a lurker myself, thought I'd throw some ideas your way!

    If you're looking for a dress locally, I can HIGHLY recommend Bridal Heirlooms in South Hadley.  Shirley is AMAZING and found me the most beautiful gown (that I never would have picked out myself) and it was WAY  under my budget. Love them over there! They're total sweethearts.

    I can also highly recommend The Photography of Phill Davis.  His work is amazing, his prices are totally reasonable and he's phenomenal to work with.  He just shot one of my bridesmaid's weddings where he was awasome, and the photos came out BEAUTIFULLY (in fact, the wedding was just about a month ago, and they ALREADY got their proof book!)  My FI and I are doing our Engagement photos with him next week.  I can't wait!

    And if you're willing to deal with someone a little more difficult to work with, Greggories in Hadley has the most amazing, beautiful and tasty cakes I've ever seen in my life!

    Good Luck! 

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    Hi! I'm still in the beginning stages of planning as well but my fiance and I have met with Seth Mias (caterer) and although we have yet to do a tasting, he's probably who we are going to do with. Everyone I know who has had him cater their event has loved his food and he has been nothing but professional and personable. For florists, we are looking at Kathy Smiarowski and Florence Village Flowers. Good luck!
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    I definately agree that Bridal Heirlooms is incredible. I got my dress there so cheap I feel like I stole it! Shirley is such a sweet lady too.

    Check out Greggory's Pastry Shop in Hadley. They make the best cakes. I used to work as a banquet waitress so I have tried a lot of wedding cakes from Western MA bakeries and I can say nothing compares to Greggory's.

    We're using Carey's Flowers in South Hadley. They do great work and they have been really nice to us so far.

    Our photographer, Edward Acker, is based out of the Berkshires. He's a great guy and his packages are reasonably priced.
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