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Wedding/Reception Venue- Berkshires?


My fiance and I have just begun our wedding planning, and we have our hearts set on a beautiful Berkshire wedding :)  Does anyone have suggestions for a venue in the Berkshires, preferably one with a great view, which could accomodate ~150 guests?  We're thinking of doing an outdoor ceremony and maybe an indoor reception. We're going to be doing a lot of planning from VA, where we live now, so any recommendations would be appreciated!  THANKS!


Re: Wedding/Reception Venue- Berkshires?

  • dawn4433dawn4433 member
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    have you tried the visitiors bureau most of the local places are listed there.. gl!
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    Hi Trista-

    I grew up in the Berkshires and am getting married there in September. What kind of feel are you looking for in a venue? Fi and I wanted something simple/ rustic feeling so we focused our search for venues mostly on farms (ended up choosing Bucksteep Manor because having on-site lodging is great for guests- and they have a gorgeous stone chapel).

    There are a ton of great places, for all styles and budgets. One of my favorite, more formal locations is The Mount- their property/ gardens are really beautiful.

    If you can send more info, I can recs. GL

  • h&jmomh&jmom member
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    In additon to Bucksteep Manor, Sunset Farm in Tyringham has gorgeous views.
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    Also, check out Cranwell resort. They have beautiful gardens and inside facilities. Amazing views. Your guests can stay right there and you can go to their spa the morning of your wedding. It is a little costly, so not sure of your budget. If it's too pricey, check out the Hillcrest Gazebo, which is up on a hill overlooking Onota Lake. It's traditional Berkshires. The Berkshire museum can be an interesting, different place for a reception or perhaps a rain plan B for ceremony. Also check Trustees of Reservations. They have a lot of amazing outdoor venues with views as well as historic Berkshire homes who only host a few weddings/year. Are you interested in taking over an entire inn for the weekend? There's several of those that are amazing too. Let me know, I'll go through my stuff and find the names of those. Good luck, Berkshires is beautiful, and my home for the last 30 years. However, can be expensive depending on what you want...


  • Trista RTrista R member
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    Thank you all for your help!! :)  I really appreciate it! I lived in the Berkshires (Williamstown) for ~5 years when I was growing up and then moved elsewhere in MA.  That's why I'm not so familiar with all of the current options for wedding venues.  Your suggestions are such a big help, since we're trying to start figuring things out from down in VA :-D

    All of your suggestions look like nice places.  The Cranwell is definitely at the top of our list right now, and unfortunately the Mount is a bit out of our price range.  (Cranwell is on the upper end of our budget range though.)

    bls09- We are looking for an elegant feel.  I don't think we're going to be having a black tie/tux type wedding, but an elegant location is a must :)  we really like the style of the cranwell and mount, but if we could find something like that, that was a little less expensive, it would be great!  We're not sure about the guest list yet, but will probably invite soimewhere around 100-150 guests.  I know some of the really cute places not be able to accomodate that number.  Do you know of any other places with that type of feel?

    Meaghan- Depending on the price, taking over an entire Inn for the weekend would be amazing!  As I said to bls09 though, I'm not sure if places like that would be able to accomodate the number of guests we're planning on.  I'd love to look into that option though!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks again, everyone, for all your help!!
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    Cranwell Resort! It's beautiful! You should think about hiring a wedding planning for the Berkshires if you are planning so far away!

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  • amandaleigh77amandaleigh77 member
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    My fiance and I looked at Gedney Farm in Great Barrington and loved it! Logistically, it didn't quite work for us, but it would have been our top pick. It was beautiful, inside and out!  We saw some photos from weddings that had been held there and they were gorgeous.

    There are two converted barns: one for the events and one full of rooms. The rooms were really neat- you end up taking over the place. They also have an on-site spa that was nice. Worth checking out! Good luck!
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    There is also the Berkshire Hills country club in Pittsfield.

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    Trista, Do you have a Berkshire Wedding Photographer? My husband is a wedding photographer and has photographed at Cranwell and Bucksteep, as well as many other Berkshires Venues. Let us know if you are interested! Smile www.RichFrederickPhotography.com
    Good luck!
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    Trista - I'm a wedding photographer here in the Berkshires. www.triciamccormackphotography.com and know planning can be hard when you are not located here. If you have questions send me a note at [email protected] and I'll try to help.
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