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I recently discovered that the dress that I really wanted is not available to be tried on at any David's Bridal store in the country. Because I have a bit of an unusual body shape, it's really important for me to try things on before committing to buying them. Alterations don't always do the job in ordinary clothes that don't cost as much as a wedding gown, so I really don't want to risk it with such an expensive and important item!

This is the dress (with lapis inserts):

I liked the dress because it is an A-line dress that accentuates the waist, because it has a split skirt that looks vaguely like dresses from previous centuries (the theme of the wedding is Steampunk/Fantasy, so a dress that looks vaguely fantastical fit the bill) and because it has all those amazing embroidered bits in color. I also look horrid in block light colors, so a dress that has a lot of color in it but is still bridal-white/ivory was a perfect, theoretical fit.

So, right now I would like to try to find a bridal store somewhere around Worcester, MA that has a really large selection of dresses that can be tried on, with a HUGE preference for places that have dresses with a good bit of color (dark purple/lapis/eggplant is the color I'm shooting for). I can have a seamstress replace an existing white insert with a purple one or do other simple replacements like that, but the actual dress needs to be the right shape and fit.

Anybody know a place like that?

Re: Bridal Store Help

  • In Watertown (a bit of a drive from Worcester but totally worth it) is Vows. I am from Worcester and I went to Vows because I heard amazing things about them. They have TONS of dresses (every size/color/style imaginable) and everything is priced well. They do carry a lot of designer dresses at an extremely discounted price. They also have a store specific brand that is absolutely stunning. I know it's about a 45/50 minute drive from Worcester, but it is totally worth it. I had the signle best shopping experience of my life there.

    If you want a sneak peak at what the store is like watch I Found the Gown on TLC. It's a new show (like Say Yes to the Dress) that takes place at this store!

    Good luck!!
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