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Whose wedding is it anyway?! (Long sorry)

I was talking to my mother yesterday and she told me she couldn't text  me yesterday cause she was driving. I asked her where she went (polite conversation) she wouldn't tell me because she said it was for me. I thought it was about the bridal shower so I just said whatever. Later I found out that she went to David's Bridal alterations department about my dress. Before this story goes any further my dress is David's Bridal style # L9486. (go ahead and look I'll wait) I had my first fitting on 3/14, my mom and stepmother went with me. I added a lot of things to it (my way of making it my own). Well fiance told me that if I show an excessive amount of "the girls" he will say no. Well him being 6'2" he would see more than others so I decided just to please him I would add a piece of fabric in the middle. The alterations lady (Yelena) was very nice. She put up with me which means a lot. She found the pink fabric that I was adding elsewhere to the dress through it there I didn't like it. So we added white fabric and this little design thing and it was perfect. I loved it, the moms liked it. Well afterward when I had gone to the bathroom at Panera Bread (right next to DB) my mom had gone back to ask if she could switch that piece out with something else. They said yes. So my stepmother and my mom had this plan to switch out the piece that we all agreed was fine. I am just wondering if I over reacted when my mom told me. Now I am a person that respects my parents and really doesn't say anything mean. I didn't yell at my mom at all. When I got off the phone though I was fuming. I paid for that dress and I paid for the alterations. Fiance and I are paying for the entire wedding. When I asked them to pay for my nephews tux rentals they flipped out on me saying they couldn't do it. Do I have every right to be pissed that they would try to change something on MY wedding dress without even telling me? (The only reason I found out is because stepmother did something to mom and mom was venting and ranting!)
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Re: Whose wedding is it anyway?! (Long sorry)

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    Go back and change it. Tell DB that they have no right to listen to anyone other than who is paying for the dress and alterations.
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    Spoke with the lady in David's Bridal. She said that they did have a consent form for me but my mom didn't change anything (she brought stuff in but she didn't like anything). I told them they are NOT to change anything without my consent. They said ok. I also had to tell them what day my wedding was because there are two of us with the same first and last name. lol
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