Personal trainer for wedding

If anyone is looking to get in shape for their wedding, I would totally recommend Lisa Thomas as a trainer.  She was awesome and resonably priced.  Its hard to believe, but she made the workouts fun and I felt great for my wedding, lost about 15lbs and gained a ton of muscle!

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    Ugh, I got so fit the year I got married, thanks to my trainer Kelly Coffey! ( She was so awesome because she has been through the weight loss process before and is easy to relate to. Funny, too.

    I really ought to get back on the workout train... I miss working out with her!
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    I live in Greenfield and my local YMCA has personal trainers for about $25/hour! You might want to check out the YMCA in your area. I lost over 20 pounds and an overall 19 inches!!
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