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Barn/Rustic Wedding in MA


My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding and we would like to do it in Massachusetts, where we're both from.  We haven't been in MA for over a decade and currently live in New York, so we're not familiar at all with wedding venues in MA.  We are looking for a rustic venue, with space to have a ceremony and hopefully a barn for the reception.  We're only going to have 50-60 people and would like to keep it within a low-cost budget.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd really appreciate any guidance or recommendations of beautiful rustic places that are reasonably priced anywhere in MA.  Thanks a lot!

Re: Barn/Rustic Wedding in MA

  • You might want to start by checking out the Red Barn at Hampshire College, the Garden House at Look Park (but that might not be rustic enough), Quonquont Farm in Whately (gorgeous!), or the Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, MA.  Good luck!
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  • You could check out Zukas Hilltop Barn or Salem Cross Inn, but both of those have minimums that are higher than what you're looking for during prime season, maybe you could do it on an off day or month. There have been a couple other posts recently on this board and the Boston board looking for similar venues so if you do a quick search, you can find more.
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  • Harrington Farm (although a bit pricey) and Old Sturbridge Village are both additional options for you. I know Sturbridge has lower minimums and different packages to choose from.

  • try the centennial house in Northfield MA its very pretty.
  • The Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield. The reception area is literally a renovated barn. Capacity is up to 225

    Just booked them for my wedding next October.

    Mill on the river is very nice as well, this is in Southwick. I wanted to look at them but the venue was too small. It only had a capacity of 120.
  • Lots of good suggestions here.  What about the Red Barn at Hampshire College?  That's where i was married.  It's great.  They have a kitchen and bathrooms and the barn upstairs is perfect for a wedding party and dance.
  • Smith Barn, Peabody, MA We went to a friends wedding there last August and it was beautiful.
    The ceremony site outside is very nice (although it started to rain at the wedding when we were there, but just got the ceremony in.
    We met our DJ there at that wedding he is one of their preferred DJ's there. DJ Rick Bellanti  He runs a special there which includes the outside Ceremony. The person in charge (Tammy) at the Smith Barn is very nice and very knowledgeable and helpful. You need to use one of their caterers, I think they have 5 to choose from. Its very rustic and outside is picturesque. They have an upstairs and I think can accommodate up to 200 guests altogether.
  • Oh - the old Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village! Went to a rehearsal for 60 people there and it was perfect!
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    The Red Apple Farm in Phillipston has built a place right on the edge of their apple orchard to hold weddings. Very cute & rustic.
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