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I am looking for a affordable makeup artist for my wedding day. Does anyone know of one with good reviews in the Cincinnati area. Thanks!

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  • cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    I am going with Chenese Bean and she is INCREDIBLE.  She did my makeup (airbrush) for my e-pics and is doing my wedding also.  Not sure what your idea of affordable is, but I believe her base package is around $100. Good luck!
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  • Michele45419Michele45419 member
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    I'm going with Heidi McKenna.  She doesn't airbrush but she's VERY highly recommended on this board and is affordable (I think it's like $50 for the bride, including a trial; $25 for any other person).  I don't have her contact information on hand right now (it's at work) - but if it doesn't pop up here later in the feed, I'll post it when I get to work tomorrow.
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    I'm using Heidi as well.  She does great work and she's the sweetest!  Here's her number and email.  Good luck!


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    I have booked Heidi as well!
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    im using michelle with Marxeymakeup she has great reviews
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    I am using Diana Varga, she is very affordable and does great work. I have had my trial and she did my makeup for my e-pics last night and I was sooo happy with the result. I can't wait for my wedding day. Her contact is [email protected] and her rates are $65 for bride $35 for bm. Good luck!
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    I too used Diana and really liked her! Really affordable and great to work with.
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I booked Diana for my upcoming tea ceremony!  I am very excited and confident she will do a wonderful job.  She's been very professional and prompt at answering all my questions through phone and e-mail.  I completely recommend her.
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    Heidi is awesome! I third that recommendation. She did 4 of my BMs and I within an hour and a half and we all looked great. 
  • Vendygirl921Vendygirl921 member
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    I have know more than one bride to use the Clinque ladies. They are practicly free and you just go in get your self done after you hair and you are only required to buy one thing as the fee. My one friend just got her lipstick and when she did her trial run a few weeks before she purchased a cleaning solution.

    I am thinking of going in and just seeing what I can have done at one counter in Kenwood and then hitting up the on closer to my venue later on.

    Good luck.
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