Mothers' Dresses

I'm getting married in Maryland, but I'm from Massachusetts and trying to help my stepmom find a dress.  I know she can just go to a department store, but she's having trouble finding lighter colors - she says all the stores still have their winter colors out, and she wants to go lighter as my wedding is in June.

She's going to check Davids this weekend.  Any other suggestions?  TIA!

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    Any bridal shop would carry a small selection of MOB dresses too, but I would say it is definitely worth it to wait until the department stores start carrying spring stuff. Of course, I personally, prefer the choices department stores have over the usual MOB dresses found in bridal shops- but that's up to her.
    She could do some preliminary searching online to find some styles she likes and then search where they might be carried in your area.
    Hope that helps... Good luck!
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