Venues in Central Mass??

Hi everyone! We just got engaged two weeks ago, and are quickly realizing we are in over our heads with the wedding planning bit. We want to get married in the spring of 2013, and are estimating about 125 guests. I am realizing that our budget is considered pretty small at $10,000 for the whole shebang. 

Any advice on venues? We would really like things to look nice even though we are not rich... Trying to avoid halls/etc. We looked at Wachusett Mountain and it was nice there but I wasn't 100% sold due to the bathrooms and the fact that they have multiple events going on the same time. 

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! I feel soooo lost and overwhelmed when all I want to do is to celebrate!

Re: Venues in Central Mass??

  • The worcester Art Museum is a nice venue, but not sure how expensive it is.
  • Thanks for all the advice!

    We have narrowed it down to three places and are in the process of going on tours.  We are looking at:
    Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield (BEAUTIFUL landscape with a gazebo for an outdoor ceremony, and gorgeous old post and beam area for dinner- they also do roast beef over an open fire for your guests to see/smell their meal during cocktail hour)

    Smolak Farms in North Andover (top choice right now.. they are so super nice there, have a gorgeous ceremony and reception area, AND you can use their barn for cocktail hour)

    The Warren Center in Ashland - going to check this one on Friday!
  • I just booked the Salem Cross Inn for my wedding next fall. It's the first and only place I looked at.

    I don't know if you've acutally been there yet but the coordinators are super nice and I knw a few other people that have gotten married there and gave nothing but rave reviews.
  • Check out Old Sturbridge Village. I attended a wedding there, checked out their packages and your budget sounds like it would work! It was just beautiful and the food was so good!
  • We ended up going with Butternut Farm in Stow.  It is absolutely stunning, and the coordinator Hope is the sweetest woman ever! They are fantastic. 

    Thanks for all the advice!
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