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Moving Question - Bed Bugs?


My fiance and I took your advice and checked out Oakley/Hyde Park yesterday. We LOVED the area! However, we recently read that Cincinnati had a problem with bed bugs. Are they still an issue? Should we be concerned about being able to find a place? What about roaches? Are they an issue for the city? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Moving Question - Bed Bugs?

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    Bedbugs and roaches are everywhere. You can get them at the movies, riding in a cab so treat everyone and everyplace as if. Just don't let the bedbugs bite! Laughing

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  • sschulth617sschulth617 member
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    Yeah, unfortunately they are everywhere.  I work at a health clinic and the myth that only "dirty" or "poor" people get bed bugs is exactly that, a myth.  Anyone can get them. The best thing to do is to only bring in your furniture and anything left behind be thrown out.  Many places sell bed bug spray or powder which can help prevent the spread if there are some, but the health departments say that only hot steam can actually kill and get rid ofthem, so have the carpets steamed.  Most places that have them are inner city and only because of high traffic areas where they can spread easily such as buses etc.  So I wouldn't worry about it too much and it couldn't hurt to have an exterminator come in to do a thorough check.  Some people would think if you can't see them then you are fine but actually they live in places we don't usually see and an exterminator knows the places to look. 
  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    I havent heard of too many bed bugs recently. I know the board of health was offering information about infestations and what to do to treat them. There is treatments for carpets etc. that would be left behind, but if you are bringing your own furniture, you will be fine.
  • andersjcandersjc member
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    Congrats on the decision!!! I would say my biggest bug problems in Hyde Park was, get this, crickets!! We had them all over. We lived in a tiny carriage house at the time so maybe it was easy access. Since living in another apt in HP and a home in Oakley I've only seen the occasional bug/lizard. Ha!!
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    yes unfortunately they are an issue, I have not had a problem personally but I'm paranoid and don't have company either.
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    If your moving into a house, I would get it sprayed before you move in.  We lived in an apartment for about 3 years and I guess they were a problem there because they would spray once a year for them.  It's a mess if you are already moved in because you have to tie up all of your clothing in trash bags because the bed bugs will go directly to the clothes.

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    It's mostly been at UC from what I know.  I know that DAAP was infected and a few dorm rooms but I have NEVER had a problem.

    I used to live in Oakley / Hyde Park.  It's really nice - you should not have a problem.

    good luck - you're moving to a super nice area of town!  I miss living on Paxton Ave - it was a great little apartment for us. 
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    Welcome! They are all over not just in Cincinnati. I would think if you were house/apartment hunting the seller wouldn't have their house on the market with bed bugs in their home (I'd like to think). Of course as you walk through places take a good look... you'll be able to see them. My DH and I are looking for a home and have been through over a dozen and haven't seen any or noticed any for that matter. They say in public places to be careful... cloth seats at doctor's offices or in the ER, movie theatres, cabs etc. Good Luck! Cincinnati is a great place to live. IMO.
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    I live in the area and hadn't heard anything about bed bugs.  Just bring your own furniture.

    Enjoy the neighborhood!  if you need recs for anything, let me know.
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    Welcome to Cincinnati!

    I live near UC and they've been a problem in my building since it's old and they have a lot of places to hide.  I'm glad my furniture is cheap because it will be pitched when I move out.  At the same time, my FI lives in Sayler Park (on the westside), and there are bed bug issues there.  Also, I go to church in the Oakley-Hyde Park area, and a guy at my church that lives in the neighborhood found out a couple of months ago that his apartment was infested with them.  Bed bugs can be anywhere, and it has nothing to do with cleanliness, but I would suggest that you try to focus more on modernized places with hardwood (or with new carpeting).  Less places for them to hide, and less time for them to have festered.  Be careful, because bed bugs can live up to a year and a half without a blood meal

    Roaches though, I've never had a problem here (I've lived here on and off for about 7 years).  But to prevent either pest, be sure to bring in your own furniture and stay away from second-hand or curbside furniture.
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