Sophisticated and Elegant Beach/Ocean Centerpieces and Room Decor

15 Gorgeous beach or ocean or island themed blue/aqua/teal/white sophisticated tall centerpieces. These were hand made by me using only extremely high quality sea shells of large size. The base has one large starfish, one large coral, one large spiral shell votive holder, one large sand dollar and and a large scallop shell. The top tier has an adirondack chair with a personalized beach sign hanging on it which you can spray paint if you do not like the names of the beaches. You can name your own tables. Must see in person to appreciate. Create your dream decor for a reasonable price. If more needed, I can describe exactly how to make more and where to obtain supplies. 

7 sets of large starfish next to votives encased in elegant glass cubes or lanterns with blue/teal/while sea glass in them used for cocktail tables or other places. 

2 adorable cocktail napkin sized adirondack chairs for bars - must see!

beautifully decorated gift/envelope basket with a beach sign you can personalize with name and hang over sand dollar 

gorgeously decorated mens' and womens' bathroom baskets in beach theme 

hand made 4' x 2' "display case" for seat assignment novelty: I used little glass bottles 1/2 filled with sand/mini seashells and added a ribbon and name card to them and then placed them alphabetically into a sand filled display case. You must see photos to appreciate.  See photos below.

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