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My Fiance and I are having such a difficult time trying to figure out where to have out wedding. His family is from the Lowell area and mine is from the Springfield area. We're looking for somewhere that fits 125 people. The budget isn't set in stone, but we're trying to get it less than 100/pp. Does anyone have any good ideas. I really don't want to be stuck at the Log Cabin
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Re: Wedding Venue

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    We kept our search around the Amherst/Northampton area, and ended up going with a ceremony and reception at Look Park in Florence.  It was exactly what we were looking for and we were thrilled that we checked it out!  We were also interested in the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst.  Some other places on our initial list:

    Hotel Northampton
    Red Barn @ Hampshire College
    Northampton Center for the Arts
    Amherst Women's Club
    Summit House at Mt. Skinner
    Blue Heron Restaurant, Sunderland
    The Log Cabin/The Delaney House
    The Night Kitchen @ Montague Book Mill

    Hope this is helpful!  Good luck!
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    mel8983mel8983 member
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    If you are looking for a relatively cheap reception venue, Ludlow Country Club, which is right off of the mass pike, and may be easier for your fiance's side who might not want to stay over...I looked there and it's actually pretty nice, but you can't get married onsite, which is what we wanted.  A friend of mine is having her reception there though, and getting married at a local chapel that Ludlow CC recommends...

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    I picked Tekoa Country Club in Westfield, MA. They have a great room and with the new owner is really cheaper than the Log Cabin. You can also try East Mountain Country Club. There is also the Castle of Knights in Chicopee, MA. Nothing outdoors though. (Tekoa Country Club)

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    beamer84beamer84 member
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    Check out the Clarion Hotel in Northampton. I'm having my reception there, and packages start at around $50pp, including the room, cake, food, centerpieces, etc. The wedding coordinator, Jen, is also very helpful. Their grand ballroom can handle groups over 150 (not sure what the max is, as my wedding is 120ish). I'm having my ceremony at Storrowton Village, but I think there's a room at the Clarion you could use if you wanted to have everything in one spot.

    The only downside is there aren't many good options for pictures at the Clarion, but the Oxbow is right down the road, as is Look Park.
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