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No option for rehearsal at my venue!

Hi All,
I'm getting married at the Red Barn at Hampshire College this July and I just found out that they do not hold the space for rehearsals the day before.  I'm told that it is likely that something will be booked at the space the day before the wedding.  Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?  Do you have any suggestions?
This is so weird to me.

Re: No option for rehearsal at my venue!

  • bpphoto785bpphoto785 member
    edited December 2011
    Could you have the rehearsal another day that week when there won't be another wedding, like Thursday night?
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  • A&EToBeA&EToBe member
    edited December 2011
    I agree that you should see if you could do it Thursday night instead of Friday.  Is the ceremony outside? If so, outside is outside really... doesn't matter if you're outside your folks house, or outside the Red Barn.  I know it's better to be in the actual location, but definitely not worth stressing over.  

    Oh, and have you considered asking them about earlier in the afternoon?  There's another event at my location the day before my wedding, so we're having our rehearsal at 4:00 rather than 5 or 6.  No big deal, and we still get to be where we want!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!  I'll ask them about doing something earlier in the day.  We don't live in the area, so a weekday rehearsal isn't an option for us.  The more I think about it, if we can't have a rehearsal at the venue the night before then we can probably just do a quick run through with the bridal party somewhere else.  We'll make it work!
  • edited December 2011
    Yes I completely understand as I'm also getting married at the Red Barn, however my parents are in the area and we will be having the rehersal in their backyard.  Is your officiant from an area church and is that a possible location?  Have you looked into parks in the area of your rehersal dinner or is there a WP member's backyard you could borrow? 
    Good luck!
  • edited December 2011
    unfortunately, it is something that i think comes up more frequently than not- they want to book another event if possible, not just your rehearsal,  but i agree with other PPs- you could try earlier in day or a different location because really you just need to go through the motions and the schedule of the day.
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