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What do you think?

We are trying to cut cost but def need transportation to and from my house to the church to the venue. But a limo and a classic car for just me and him are going to run us at least 1,300. 

Do you think it is tacky to just have a party bus to fit all of us. Then my hubby and I would ride with the bridal party to the venue.

Re: What do you think?

  • I dont think its tacky I actually think its a good idea. But here comes the questions are you going for a more relaxed casual feel or elegant??? Because honestly the bus idea is cute and also you can get some great photo shots with your bridal party. But if your going more for elegance you might have to shell out the 1,300. Unless Groom can drive himself (really best man should)to the ceremony and you guys leave together to the venue. I mean its just a thought. Hope it works out for you guys.
    Soon to be Mrs. Lewis
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