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Please help me make a decision

I am trying to decide on colors. My FI favorite color is Olive Green and mine is blue. What shade of blue would look good with Olive Green? A sky blue? Ice blue?

Since this isn't my first marriage should I wear Ivory?

Re: Please help me make a decision

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    I'm wearing Ivory and this is my first marriage.  I say wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what looks good on you and what makes you happy.

    As for the colors, could you do shades of green?  Maybe not an olive green, but like a pine green?  I'm not sure what colors would look good with olive green, but google image "olive green and blue weddings" and see what pops up.

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    I think navy blue would look lovely with olive green! It would make the green really pop. As for what colour you should wear, really you can wear whatever colour you like! I am not wearing ivory because it doesn't look good with my skin tone so I'm going to diamond white. I think that you should go with whatever colour/shade of white makes you feel beautiful.
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    Wear whatever you want. This is my second wedding and I am wearing Diamond White! Old rules are out the window!
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