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AHH!! I'm new to this message board but am planning a wedding for April 12, 2014!  Just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Amanda and my fiance is Bryan.  We have an 8 month old girl named Julianna.  We currently live in Houston, Texas but will be getting married in Lancaster, Pa!  I can't wait to join you all in planning our weddings!!

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    Welcome and Congrats!!!

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    Welcome Amanda! We're not too active over here yet but I'm trying to change that :)   The best advice I can give you for these boards is lurk around a bit and get a feel for the posters. You'll get a lot of great advice as long as you're willing to listen :) The ladies here don't sugar coat things but sometimes that's for the best!
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    I prefer things not be sugar coated, so perfect =)  thanks for the welcome, and I would love to join you in helping this board become more active =)
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      I am with you guys.  I thought for awhile I was the only one checking this board!

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    Welcome! I am looking forward to the board becoming more active. My local board is slow too. Right now I am just addicted to the Wedding Classified Board. I haven't bought anything yet but I love to look.
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