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Sunday Wedding??

I was considering having a Sunday wedding after seeing how it would save me over $5,000 at the Madison. I wanted to know has anyone else had a Sunday wedding? How did it go? What are your thoughts? Please Help :-)

Re: Sunday Wedding??

  • I've never been to a sunday wedding, but I can't say that I think it's a bad idea! What time are you thinking? I'd go early, since it IS a sunday, and you don't want people rushing out since it IS a sunday, and most people use sunday nights to get their families ready for the upcoming work/school weeks.
  • I've been to a Sunday wedding before and the party did die down early, around 10pm, due to work/school the next day.  It's something you have to consider.
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  • Right I agree with you both as far as it would have to be a little earlier. We have 3 kids and I def. use Sunday as my day to prepare for the week so I am trying to be considerate of that when it comes to other people. Which is also why I was a little hesistant on it, but my parents and his parents are reiterating the fact that it's our wedding and we should do what we want. My dad doesn't care what we do he just wants to know how much everything is going to cost. I was already leaning towards a Sunday wedding in the beginning but then I started trying to be considerate of everyone else and moved to a Saturday wedding. But ANYWAY! I would want it to start at 3:00PM The ceremony would be about a hour if that and then the reception 4-5 hours. I do not think we are leaving that night for the honey moon so we would just go straight the hotel.

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