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I live in Holiday fl, so I am looking for a cheap but nice place to have my reception and ceramony, anywhere from Brooksville to...tampa/st pete.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have not a clue on what to do or where to start!  Thank you!!!

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    You need to clarify what "cheap" means. Is your budget $1k or $10k?
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    In Palm Harbor: http://www.thepalmharborwhitechapel.org/

    NPR: Sparton Manor: http://www.spartanmanor.com/

    Palace Grand in Spring Hill

    Barrington Hills in Dade City/Brooksville

    Check out different country clubs.

    I live in NPR so if you need any advice on Vendors...PM me.
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    We are getting married at the East Lake Woodlands country club in Oldsmar.
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    I have been to Spartan Manor, Sevin Springs country club, the Hilton and Marriot off 19 in New Port Richey and pretty much everywhere else up here you can think of and the only venue that didn't nickel and dime me was The Riverside in Tarpon Springs. Its Pappas's old restaurant and the renovations they have done are amazing! I live in Holiday too and at first my FI and I didnt want to have our wedding in Pasco but after going over our guest list and realizing how many people would be staying at our house for the wedding, we decided that haveing it somewhere close would be best. 

    The coordinator that I met at Seven Springs is no longer there but I heard the new one was nice. Their packages weren't great though and they charged you for every little thing. I wasn't very impressed with the woman at Spartan Manor either. She was a half hour late to a meeting i set up 2 weeks in advance and she didn't seem very thrilled to answer any questions about changing their packages to fit better into our budget. The hotels were nice but not what we were looking for. I don't know what your budget is but The Riverside doesn't charge a room fee like the others instead they charge a food and beverage minimum. The coordinator there, Stephanie, is amazing as well! All the other coordinators I talked to wouldn't answer any of my questions about cost over the phone but Stephanie was different. She didn't push a meeting and she answered me directly. She is very laid back and makes you feel comforted about everything. My FI and I went there five times with different family members before we even signed the contract and instead of blowing us off she set aside time to answer all of our questions and she even let me and my FI's aunt go over linen and sash colors.
    The only venue we looked at north of New Port Richey before we signed with The Riverside was The Palace Grand in Spring Hill. My FI brother got married there a few months ago and it was resonably priced. All in all The Riverside is my vote if your looking for a beautiful and well priced venue. If you want some more information on it or some other venues near by PM me and I'd be happy to share Smile  I also have information about low cost photographers, bakers, and officiants 
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    Thank you all so much, I will most deffinitly check them all out!  Thank you kmfreema if I have any questions about anything, which i dont at the moment but i am sure i will later, I will keep your offer in mind:)
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    We have a budget too. That's why we're getting married in February on a Sunday. Many vendors have no minimums and quite a few cut their minimums to lure us. Once we signed with the Tradewinds in St Pete, they cut our food and beverage 10% because we're getting married Sunday night. They also have no food and beverage minimums and you can get a sit-down dinner for about $68/pp. I thought that was pretty damned amazing.

    It's always worth asking what the less-popular places will do for you. Best of luck.
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