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What do I do?...(a little long)

Hello everyone,

A little back story before I get to my question. Our guest list has approximately 100 to 110 but my FI and I are fairly confident that only about 80 to 90 people will come. We have another list that has my dads side of the family on it that I either have never met or don't care to know bc of past family issues. My grandmother (dads mom) is insisting that Kevin (my FI) and I send the 30 plus ppl on the second list invitations because they are technically family and according to her they might send us money. I honestly don't want their money, I've gone 23 years without anything from them and I am perfectly content keeping it that way but I am very close with my grandmother and since I got engaged our relationship has struggled bc of my thoughts on her ex husband and others. My "grandfather" isn't technically my dads father but my grandmother met him when my dad was a baby but he is pretty much the only father figure my dad has ever known. Since he and my grandmother split up (which was when my dad was 19 or 20, hes 48 now) he has ignored my father. My dad tried to stay in touch but after he remarried he pretty much treated my dad like he never existed and if my dad doesn't exist then neither do my brother and sister and I. I met him once when I was 6 or so and only remember his beard...To appease my father I sent my "grandfather" my graduation announcement and received a card from his wife congratulating me. As far as I'm concerned the distant, bipolar man my grandmother is married to now is the only grandfather I have. I talked to my father about his side of the family and he would like me to send an actual invite to his "father" and uncle. 
Ok...I can live with that, as far as everyone else he suggested I use the same paper as the invitations but make them announcements instead. I am on the fence with this bc I don't want them to think that an invitation will follow but on the other hand its either an announcement or an invitation. I have been on google searching for wording but everything I've found is for after your married and my dad and grandmother don't want to wait that long. My grandmother is ok with this arrangement for now but I'm thinking that if I get the proper wording for the announcements then she will back off. So I am begging you ladies to help me. I know the basics that have to go in but I don't want to include the exact date or location. I have reworded an engagement announcement and this is what my mother and I have come up with so far: 

Michael (last name) and Ana (last name) are pleased to announce that their daughter, Kimberly (my last name) will be marrying her soul mate, Kevin (his last name) in the fall of 2011. 
They are a real world example that you can find your true love at any age. They met in middle school building a strong friendship that blossomed into a beautiful relationship. From their first date at a local amusement park to their first home. We are so proud of all they have accomplished and look forward to their future together. 

"To love and be loved, is the greatest gift of all" -Henri Toulouse 

Is this ok? Should I add more detail or leave it as it is? 
Thank you all for listening :)


Re: What do I do?...(a little long)

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    Ugh. IDK. That's really a tough situation. That "announcement" can easily be interpreted as a save the date, and those people may be expecting an invitation after you send them that. While you aren't including the exact date, you are including the season and year, and let's face it.. no one really sends out announcements until the day of the wedding or shorty thereafter.. so do you really think those people will know that it is just an announcement? If budget calls for it I would just invite them. They most likely aren't going to show up, so it's no big deal, but if that is out of the question I would tell Dad and Grandma they may have to just pass the engagment on by word of mouth. I'm only saying this because if I were to recieve that in the mail I would really think it was a STD.

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    I wouldn't send the announcement. Send them something after the fact you are married.

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    Should I just change it to an engagement announcement? or would that mean I'm sending them save the dates?
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    I say wait until afterwords and send an announcement, it does sound like it could be interpreted as a STD. good luck Cool
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    I agree with the ladies. It is very close to a STD. Either invite or announcement after the wedding.
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