Officiant Greeting

My FI came across this the other day and we love it. What do you all think?D and R have invited us here today to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. On their behalf, I welcome you to this service of worship. D and R, we are happy to be here to celebrate with you the love which has brought you together, and which has already given you such joy and meaning.In an obvious, yet deeply profound and mysterious way, you bring together your own separate pasts, different in memories, traditions, hopes, and loves. That will not change, but it will color the future, so that even as you become one, you will always remain two.Marriage is not intended to be a melting pot where differences cease to exist, but rather it is intended to be the relationship where you can be fully and honestly yourself, sharing at the deepest level all that life is and all that you are.Today's celebration of human affection is an outward sign of an inward and sacred commitment. We rejoice with you as you stand before us and prepare to join your lives in love and loyalty.

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