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??? Baby Onesie

Our niece Lorigan will be almost 3 months when we get married.  Her mom, Meg, is one of our bridesmaids and her dad, Stu, is a groomsman.  I want to make her a custom designed shirt/onesie for while us girls are getting ready, since she'll be there.  We already got an all white fabric bassinet for her to hang in.  I want to have a cute/clever saying on her attire before the wedding.  Something like "My aunt & uncle are getting married today!" or "I'm the youngest at the party!"  Something that will be cute & appropriate for pictures.  Does anyone have any ideas?  TIA!

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    etsy!  They sell everything!  Or you can have it made on one of those sites like Custom Glam Girl or something like that, that also has baby stuff!  I would etsy though... its all handmade stuff, you could probably find like a cute matching tutu or soemthing like that too!! :)
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    How about these:"Someday MY prince will come!" "I may be cute, but have you seen my Aunt?" "Second prettiest in the room""If my Aunt & Uncle aren't careful on their honeymoon, they'll get one of ME in 9 months!""It's all about the girl in the white dress (and a little about the one white diapers)"
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