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At-Home Self Tanner

Every used any?Which is your favorite?What did you like, not like about the one you used?TIA

Re: At-Home Self Tanner

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    never used self tanner... i've seen people and they always come out orange.  this was in the 90's though (boy i feel old saying that)
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    I've done the spray booths before and I really like the results, but I wanted something more convenient and a little less expensive. :/They have really improved the self-tanning formulas now, most of them no longer give you that orange color :)
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    i use a product called fake bake - i use the spray which is really easy to use, but leaves your shower a disaster. plus: not orange AT ALL - doesnt streak - you dont have to be too precise with the spray; it may not look like you're fully covered, but within an hour you will notice that you are.minus: leaves your shower a disaster - it seriously gets everywhere! & you really cant clean it since you cant get wet! you can order it online or they have it at beauty alliance if you know someone with their license they can get it for you
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