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Need non wedding advice

I just started a side business selling PartyLite to make some extra money for the wedding and I'm trying to think of some fun ways to do parties.  I was talking to one of my BMs and she mentioned how she was going to a lingerie themed party for a friend so I thought it might be fun to do a naughty nightie PartyLite party.  What do you think?  There are lots of beautiful things that can be used in the bedroom or elsewhere and they have wedding stuff too.  If someone invited you to a naughty nightie party would you go or would you host one yourself?  I would appreciate your advice because my FI wasn't much help.  TIA!

Re: Need non wedding advice

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    I would definitely go if it was a large group of girls that I know personally. If its a bunch of random people, I don't think I would. I LOOOOOVE partylite though! :)
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    Thanks for the advice!  I love PartyLite too!  That is why I decided to sell it on the side to make some extra $ for the wedding plus get free centerpieces and candles.  Definitely helps the budget!
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