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Wedding Invitation Wording- Please Help

My family is late to EVERYTHING how can I word the invitation to make sure we start on time or atleast close to being on time? Should I  put an earlier time on the invites? If so, how much extra time? Would it be unfair to those usually on time to add 30 minutes?

Re: Wedding Invitation Wording- Please Help

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    well its not fair to you if they are late and this is your day so i wouldnt worry too much about other people. if you dont want to add extra time on for them stress that they may miss the ceremony because you arent making an exception. if you change the time to add 30 minutes your punctual guests will also be waiting 30 minutes extra for your family to arrive. that may make people irritable.

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    I'm worried about the same type of situation. For family who tend to be late, I made sure they knew I wait for no one. When FI and I are ready to head down the aisle, we're starting with or without you. I also told them that if they are late, they would NOT be interrupting my ceremony to find a seat. They could watch from a distance at the entrance gate and join us for the reception. (Our ceremony is outside) I also plan to ask my coordinator or a family friend or something to stand at the gate and not let late arrivers in, if we've already started. 

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    I agree with PP.  I would not put a different time on the invite just to accomodate your family.  If they can't be punctual for a wedding, then that's there fault, not yours.  At our wedding, one family was late and they had to wait until after I walked down the aisle before they were let in to the church.  I think your invitation wording should just say the actual start time. 
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    I would put half an hour beforehand. Your family should be there beforehand anyways; but that will help any and all latecomers. Also, like PP stated, people should not be allowed into the ceremony until a proper time or not at all. The ceremony isn't too long to begin with and I think it's rude to walk in and steal attention from the bride and groom.
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