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Hello everyone! Does anyone have info on the Laplaya beach and golf resort in Naples?

I requested information on the Marriott on Marco Island, but what I am doing is comparing it to Laplaya in Naples. Can anyone offer information on Laplaya that can help me pick on of the two? The reviews I read are mixed on Laplaya, so I am hoping someone local can fill me in. Please help, I would appreciate your time on this. I'm going crazy not being able to decide. Thank You!

Re: Hello everyone! Does anyone have info on the Laplaya beach and golf resort in Naples?

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    I am looking at the SAME locations!
    I am looking between the Ritz, La Playa, Marco Island Mariott and Naples Beach and Golf

    Have you e-mailed the locations, and they sent you the packages? they are in PDF format, I can e-mail them to you if you want.

    I am from MD so I am not local either, but I am planning a trip down there beginning of february to see these places so i can let you know more information than, but it definitely would be helpful to hear what you think too!
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    As a head's up on the Ritz, it is located right next to a public beach access point and while all of the resorts are technically on public beaches, people can easily wander into your ceremony area and watch your wedding (I've seen a few weddings while I was at the beach myself).

    I'm visiting LaPlaya on Wednesday and am working on setting up a time to go to the Naples Beach & Golf Club in the next few weeks. 
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    My fiance and I went to LaPlaya yesterday.  The resort is really very beautiful.  They have a lawn on the south end of the property that looks out over the ocean, and an area on the beach on the north end of the property for ceremonies too.

    They also have a ballroom across the street that has a bayview - which if you have an evening ceremony and need it is nice because the gulf is pitch black whereas there will be lights up and down the bay (not a big bay like Tampa Bay, more just a waterway that empties into the ocean).

    We met with Betsy and she was very nice and informative and told us about some upcoming weddings that we're welcome to come back and see the setups for.    She did say that they have weddings booked into October 2012 already, and for the day we want, the North Beach location is booked (and we're doing a 10 am ceremony) so we would have to use the lawn.  We don't want to settle for not having a ceremony on the beach yet so I think LaPlaya is off the list for us.

    They're really responsive to email and they have a form http://www.laplayaresort.com/laplaya-wedding-rfp.aspx that will help them get you the information that is pertinant to you.

    Hope this helps!
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