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Florida-West Coast

Smaller Beach Wedding/Reception Locations St. Pete area

We are getting married on a Thursday in late January. It is a second wedding for both of us, so we don't need a huge wedding reception.
We are looking in the St. Pete area (but would consider going to Clearwater or Sunset Beach area).
We are hoping to find a beach to get married on and a restaurant we can go to after the beach wedding. Will probably have about 30 guests.
If anyone has any ideas, we are in town until Sunday or can look on the internet after that.
Thank you!!!

Re: Smaller Beach Wedding/Reception Locations St. Pete area

  • I am thinking that getting married on a Thursday, I might be able to get a good deal on a location to get married. Somewhere on the beach that might have chairs for us to use, etc.
    Or, a public type beach, but then I would have to rent chairs from somewhere.
    For dinner, because it is a 2nd wedding and we are keeping it small and informal, we are just all going to go somewhere to eat. My friends will be buying their own meals.
    For dinner, we may have 30 people, so I am trying to pick/arrnage a location for the dinner so they are prepared for that many peopl.
  • How many people will be at the ceremony? If its only 30 then sennsational ceremonies can help out or fiesta event solutions for just chairs.

    I would do Clearwater Beach then have your "reception" at Island Way Grill. They have vans that will pick you up from the beach.

    Since your friends are paying I would just get married on the sand and go to Frenchy's by palm pavilion inn

    Just as an aside: A lot of ppl will be more than a little mean to you for having your guests pay for their meals at your reception. It's considered rude etiquette wise because the reception is a thank you to your guests.  I'm all for do what you feel but this is just a heads up!
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  • While in town we actually did find a place we are going to go for dinner. The Hurricane, in Pass-A-Grille, is perfect. It has a rooftop that overlooks the ocean. They also have a 2nd floor that can be used. We are getting married on a Thursday, so they are normally closed on the 2nd floor on Thursdays anyway.
    Yes, I know it isi tacky to have your guests pay for their own dinner. But, I am 42, my fiance is 48. This is a 2nd wedding for both of us. We are only have close family and friends and they do understand our not being able to have a big reception or paying for the food. The place we are going has very reasonable prices.
    I wish we could pay for the meals and if we get a big job before then and can afford it, we certainly will.
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