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I got some awesome things accomplished this week!

The dress came in! I know it's a bit early to already have the dress in my possession (wedding is in June)... but I found the exact dress I wanted at a bridal store closing for a fourth of the retail price, and in my exact size!  So I had to get it, and it came in and looks perfect!!! Now I just have to find a place to keep it so the fiance doesn't see it! :-P

AND we got our rings this week!  I know it's WAY early for this, but Tuesday was our anniversary (both of dating and of getting engaged!) and after we went out for dinner we wandered into a ring store and found what we wanted (and on sale) and went for it! Now he needs to hide them from me so I don't wear mine around, lol.

Add all that to my list of already having booked my venue, florist, and dj, and I feel like I'm pretty ahead of the game :-D

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