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Are any of you planning on wearing something like tights at your wedding? I originally had sandal wedge heels so I was going to go barelegged. But now I will be wearing this cute black and white vintage style swing dance heels. The problem is that they are closed toe and I always hate wearing closed toe heels barefoot. I was thinking about maybe getting white/ivory sheer tights? Pantyhose aren't really in style, are they? I'm also concerned about being warm but it shouldn't be bad in the early evening in April. I'm not quite sure what to do about this one...

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    They make ultra low socks for heels and flats so that you can't see them. And they're not really sock material, i'm not sure what they are, but they will also help keep your feet from sweating. I have some and I don't ever wear my heels or flats without them.
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    That's a good idea! Have you ever had trouble with the ultra low socks slipping off though? I had worn them before but they would always slip off when I was walking.
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    I actually really like the panty hose idea. I think panty hose is making a tiny come back, and they would fit right in, in a vintage-themed wedding. I immediately picture sheer, lacy ivory panty hose....I think it's a cute idea!
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