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19 Feb Wedding Vendor Reviews (LONG)

·      DJ: Grant Hemond  A++

·      Cake: Chantilly Cake A++

·      Florist: Iza’s Flowers A++

·      Linens: Connie Duglin B

·      Venue: Hilton Clearwater A+

·      Hair and Makeup: Cari Collinsworth from KyleLynn Weddings A++

·      Dress: Jon’s Bridal A

·      Alterations: Daisy A

·      BM Dresses: Alfred Angelo B

·      Boys Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse D

·      Videographer: Trinity Wedding Video A+ (so far although I haven’t seen the finished product)

·      Photographer: Rich Auger A+ (so far although I haven’t seen the finished product)

·      ETSY:

o   Signs: RomanticPlanet  A+

o   Sand Ceremony: weavervariety A+

o   Hanger: lilafrances B (although it was exactly what I wanted not exactly as sturdy was I thought it would be, but it did make for some great pics)

o   Invitations: sheliamariedesigns A+

o   Spa Wraps: sprinklemehappy A+

o   Cake Topper: AffordableCakeTopper A+


·      Videographer: Trinity Wedding Video: So far all I’ve seen is the preview and I love it. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

·      Photographer: Rich Auger: He’s posted a few of the black and white shots on his facebook and I can’t wait to see more

-    Venue: A+ Hilton Clearwater. One of the main reasons I decided on choosing the Hilton was because the wedding coordinator Joanie was AWESOME. Well unfortunately in Dec she left the Hilton to go to another venue and I’m not going to lie I panicked. But actually there was no reason to panic Stephanie and Tessa were great and I loved everything about my venue. The food was DELICIOUS the room was perfect and the ceremony site was beautiful. I couldn’t have picked a better day to get married and everything went off without a hitch.


·      DJ: A++ Our DJ was Craig Hemod from Grant Hemond and Associates. He was amazing at the wedding. We met with him a few months before the wedding and then the week of the wedding had about an hour long conversation with him making a ton of great suggestions and us pretty much agreeing to everything he said. The only responsibility we had was to obliviously get him our songs. Mike and I pretty much had our first dance set for a while, but we were struggling on our introduction and didn’t finalize it till the night before the wedding. We went with Flogging Molly, Devils Dance Floor w/ very specific instructions, which he followed to a T and set the tone for our awesome wedding. He had the dance floor full all night and played music for not only my American family and friends, but also for all my Hispanic Family.

·      Florist: A++  Iza’s Flowers. Met w/ Iza twice and talked on the phone w/ her a couple of times. Iza is super detailed oriented and she loves her job you can tell. I met w/ a ton of florist and she stood out the most not only because of the quality of her work but also because her prices were completely reasonable. I loved everything she did, from the centerpieces, to my bouquet, it all came out perfect.

·      Cake: A Chantilly Cake. The cake was beautiful exactly what I asked for and according to everyone who had a piece delicious. We unfortunately didn’t get any, but we’re making up for that by ordering the same type of cake for my birthday.

·      Linens: B Connie Duglin: There was a mix up w/Connie Duglin  which was my fault but they delivered and picked up the linens and it was the exact ones I ordered.

·      Hair & Makeup: A++ Cari Collinsworth from KyleLynn Weddings. I love Cari she did my makeup trial back in November and she did an awesome job for the wedding. I loved my hair and makeup and I loved the job they did on my girls.

·      Dress: A Jon’s Bridal: I bought my dress a long time ago, but I figured I’d lump my experience in here as well… They were awesome I tried on about 20 dresses in my price range and I fell in love w/ 2. The one I ended picking was just better for my venue.

·      Alterations: A Daisy: I left getting my dress altered till the last second and Daisy was awesome about it. Super nice not overly expensive and she altered my little sisters dress as well as added straps to one of my BM dresses.

·      BM Dresses: B Alfred Angelo: I didn’t realize that you needed to order BM dresses 4-5 months in advance. Luckily I was able to rush the dresses and the dresses turned out great, no alterations really needed except for my little sisters dress.

·      Boys Tuxes: D Men’s Warehouse: So this is not normally something I would have written a review on if it weren’t so bad and frustrating. Out of 5 of the guys who had their measurements taken at the S. Dale Mabry MW 4 of them had problems. I had some of the guys picking up their tuxes the day of the wedding. As an example of just one of the issues, Mike’s jacket was way to small and his shirt was way to big.


Re: 19 Feb Wedding Vendor Reviews (LONG)

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    Grant Hemond did a great job with my wedding too! It's crazy we got married the same day a few blocks from each other! I'm surprised there was no wedding run ins. ;) Great first dance song btw!
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    Yay for your day going well!
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