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Need help!

Dilemma! When I was looking for reception venues I looked at belwood country club but it was booked on the date that I wanted it. When I met the lady there she said they had a second location in sharonville the Elements Conference and Event Center and even though bel-wood was my first choice, I did fall in love elements. I went ahead and booked my date 10.10.10 there.I met with the coordinator there and there was a private event at belwood which got changed so she followed up with me when the event was postponed and now it is available. Nihdi said I wouldnt loose my deposit because it would transfer if I wanted to change venues. She also said she would still be my contact which i absolutely love her so that was a big thing for me. I tried to talk to her about the pros and cons and she said to get some opinions and think about what I want. Belwood was my first choice, but now I am questioning if I should change the venue because I have already started planning for The elements event center. Here is a couple of things I am questioning now:1) Has anyone had services at either location?2) October 10th, do you think weather will be an issue (the main reason of going to belwood was the outdoor pictures and outdoor ceremony)3) Belwood is farther out. 4) Sharonville location did allow me to do more of what i wanted. 5) Belwood has seated dinners where as elements we were going to do a buffet. The website with both locations is www.elementseventcentre.com if you get time go on and tell me what location you would go with. Any thoughts would be helpful. People who have gotten married at elements, people who have gotten married in october, the drive for people out there. Any thoughts and suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

Re: Need help!

  • aWbaWb member
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    I have never had an event at either location but my birthday is October 10th and the weather is usually good.  There have been times when is has rained but I would have to say mostly sunny.  I am getting married on October 3rd this year and hopefully the weather will be great.  Good luck!
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    I went to a bridal event type thing at the Elements location and it was nice, but I wasn't that impressed with it.  I just didn't get fascinated by anything there.  I think it was nice, but not something I would pick.
  • CincyBride29CincyBride29 member
    edited December 2011
    When I was looking at venues I met someone that had gone to a wedding at Belwood and said it was wonderful! I considered it since my FI wanted to get married on a golf course, but my issue was that if the weather is bad you have to get married in the same room as the reception. That was the only con for me. I have heard wonderful things about both locations, so I don't think you can go wrong with either one. GL!!!
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    1.) I was at a wedding at the Bel-Wood CC last weekend for a wedding. Both FI's cousin's got married there (One last Feb., the other last Saturday) 2.) I doubt the weather will give you problems. That time of the yea may be a bit chilly, but as far as rain goes, I wouldn't worry too much. 3.) Bel-Wood is far. I live in St. Bernard (near the Zoo and UC) and dirving to Bel-wood took us about 40 minutes. But as long as you have a detailed map (which Fi's cousin who was married there first didn't) it shouldn't be an issue for people. ESPECIALLY since both ceremony and reception would be there. 4.) What would the other location let you do that BelWood wouldn't? Maybe, since they are owned by the same people (I think) you could work with them on those details. 5.) Both FI's cousins had buffets, so I know they can accommodate for one. HTH!
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    One more thing... I have been to a wedding where they were married in the same room as the reception (the guests sat at their dinner tables, while close family (parents, grandparents sat on the dance floor where the aisle was) and I think it was fine. If you want to be married outside, at least you would have a back up option with minimal room changes and such.
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    Thanks for everyone's reply! I am going to see both locations again in the morning and then I will see what I think.Also,the question on what Elements is allowing me to do its more so the use of lighting and the customized dancefloor. I am using a long rectangle dancefloor type and that is something I really really want now since its been stuck in my mind, but belwood has the dancefloor already stationed and cant be moved or expaneded. The other main thing is I am doing different food stations and The Elements in Sharonville allows me to bring in different caterers and at the Belwood location their chef makes everything. My FI and I wanted to use restaurants that mean something to us. The more I think of it I am thinking maybe The Elements would be good for me. I just spoke to Nihdi and she did say because i wanted outdoor pictures there was also sharon woods. Has anyone had their wedding pictures at sharon woods? Any thoughts there? How is that park? I will go there in the morning as well.
  • Dani3679Dani3679 member
    edited December 2011
    I don't have any advice for you except that everything you've said in both of your posts, sounds like you really want to stay with elements, it seems like the pros of elements outweigh the cons of it!  Go with your gut!
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    My sister took e-pics for FI and I as a gift and we did them at Sharon Woods.  PIB.I know gianfavl had some pre-wedding pics done at Sharon Woods recently, as well.  GL & HTH!
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