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Sand Petal Wedding..

My fiancee and I are looking into the tented mother of pearl luau for 10/8/11.  The only concern so far that I have is that there are no bathrooms & that we have to rent a condo. I tried to contact the condo choices today, Saturday, but they were all closed already.   Has anyone done the tented mother of pearl luau?  Pros/Cons?  How was the photographer, videographer, live music player?  Was there anything price wise that you were side tracked with?  How did you like it being tented?  What condo did you use?  Did you like it?  Why or why not?Laughing

 I live in NJ so trying to communicate with them can sometimes be difficult..  Has anyone personally met them?  Also, the vendors they use, has anyone met them?  What are your thoughts?  They want a pretty large non refundable deposit, & I'm nervous, especially cause I haven't met them or seen anything other than a wesbsite.

Any info shared will be greatly appreciated!

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    I see where you are coming from because my fiance and I live in Pittsburgh, PA and it is hard planning from another state. We are getting ready to book with Sand Petal, but we are deciding between the tiki and pavilion. We didn't choose the tented for that exact reason...there is no bathroom, so you have to book a set amount of condos nearby and use one as the bathroom. I know when I looked into them, it w as pretty pricey, and the one condo limit was 20!
    Anyways, it would be nice and very helpful to hear answers to your questions from someone who already used them! :)
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