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Keel and Curley Winery

Did anyone here look into this location for their wedding/reception? I am curious about how much they charge. 

Re: Keel and Curley Winery

  • I've been there a couple of times, and it looks like it would be a nice setup for a wedding.  I never looked into the cost, though. 
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  • I inquired for a March wedding and below is the email that they sent me which includes pricing.  Hope this helps. 

    Most people get married at the gazebo and have the reception on our tented outdoor deck. The venue comes with enough tables and chairs to seat 180 people. We rent white wooden chairs with a cushion for the ceremony at the gazebo. The time of the wedding determines what part of the facility is available to you. We stay open to the public until 6PM, so if the wedding starts before 6PM, you just have access to the outside deck, gazebo, and inside bathrooms. After 6PM, the entire place becomes yours. Here is a summary of what we offer with the rental. We rent the facility for 5 hours at a time, as is, so you would need to make arrangements for your own caterer, linens, decorations, music, etc. We sell beer and wine only (no liquor) as well as several non-alcoholic beverages and all beverages must come from us. We have fees for the bartender ($150 each) as well as for use of the kitchen ($250) and china ($250) -if the caterer needed that. Our rates depend on the number of guests, month of the year and day of the week, but range anywhere from $500 for Monday -Thursday to as much as $1500 for Saturdays.

  • Thank you. ladies! I also emailed them, but the response I received did not include any pricing information. She said we'd need to come in to discuss numbers, but I didn't want to go in if it was out of my price range. This definitely helps!
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