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Rob Hallet Photographer Tampa

Has anyone used Rob?  If so, please advise if you would recommend him.  Also, how much have you paid for your wedding photographer?

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    I'm not using him, fortunately the FI is a photographer and his wonderful boss has offered to help us with the photography!! PHEW (i was getting worried) We are on a budget and the FI doesn't have a very good network of wedding photographers down here as he is from Boston.. If you want my opinion (because my eye has been trained for this sort of thing) I wouldn't use them. I think the lighting is way off and some of the photos just don't make sense. Hopefully I'm not offending anyone I am just concerned with people not getting wedding photos they love and can be proud of. Afterall, you only get one shot! Anyway I went to the bridal show a couple weeks ago and there was this guy there his company is called real deal weddings. The website is realdealweddings.com.. and his work is really incredible for the price. His base price is $1,700 which is really low for how good his work is. He has an assistant who uses a light for him (rather than a flash) which makes a ten thousand percent difference in the quality of the photos. What is your photography budget? I was looking for a while and have come across a ton of different price ranges maybe I could help you find one in your range.

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    I apologize in advance that I can't help you with Rob.

    I used Bryan Glynn from BG Pictures out of Palm Harbor. We picked an upgraded package, and we received a complimentary E-shoot, photo album, 2 parent albums, a blow-up of our favorite shot, etc. Plus his work is phenomenal. Go to his website (www.bgpictures.com), and I'm in a lot of the wedding gallery (brunette w/ long extensions). He's great to work with and I would recommend 10 times over.

    Good Luck!!
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