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OOT Guest Transportation Etiquette

Am I wrong in thinking OOTs should be responsible for their own means of getting to and from the airport?  My good friend asked what day she should arrive because she would need to be picked up!  I was like, "Ummm, there are shuttles and rental cars..."  I can't be a chauffeur for everyone who doesn't have a car!  Nor do I have the means to "arrange" anything.

I should mention that this friend would be in the wedding party if we were having one, so I am compelled enough to wonder what the ettiquette woule be.

Anyone else have this situation, or think I was too harsh?
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Re: OOT Guest Transportation Etiquette

  • ufsweetiebearufsweetiebear member
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    I think it's your call on this one. No, you shouldn't be responsible for everyone's transportation but since you're close to her, you could make an exception. If it's going to be too much pressure getting ready for the wedding and driving her around, say no.
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    Totally agree with PP.

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    For the most part we are leaving it up to people to arrange, but with close family and wedding party members who we know are opting not to rent cars (we did get a special discount for cars through Hertz) we are working out some rides, but some of our local wedding party members and our parents are going to help us with that. Do you have a wedding website for your guests? Maybe you could put information on there about local shuttles, car rentals, etc.
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    I'm in the process of cooking up a website.  I am leaning toward recanting what I said and making a few exceptions for the closest and mostest.

    Thanks for the rental car discount idea!  That hadn't even crossed my mind!!  Woohoo!
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    No, you shouldn't pick them up from the airport... people who think you should, as the bride, are just crazy.  If they've been married, they are just plain out rude.  Your wedding weekend, you should NOT be responsible for anyone but yourself.

    The hotel we blocked rooms at had a shuttle they could take, and I also told people to rent a car.  Yup, sure did.  Now, my bridesmaids and house party, I rented them a sweet house on Siesta Key for the week and told them they were on their own for transporation!  Seems fair to me.  They all had NO issue with it. 

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    I've had the same issue.  Except the bridesmaid just assumed I would offer to pick her up instead of asking me for a ride.  Thanks for asking this questions because I've been curious as to how to go about it as well.
  • heidilein13heidilein13 member
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    I'm pretty much letting all mine fend for themselves.  A lot of my OOT guests are turning it into a vacation (hellooo its FLORIDA!) and going to Disney or other touristy stuff.  initially I wanted to cater to every guest down to the last detail, then I got a reality check and now I'm like, "their adults, they'll deal"....our wedding website has info too and that went out on the Save the Dates.
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    It is not your responsibility to pick OOTers up from the airport.  Depending on yoru venue, there are multiple forms of transportation to and from the airport and as long as you let people know what they are with pricing, that's all you're obligated to do.  If you're able to pick a few people up if they're coming in early or whatever, that's another thing.  By no means are you obligated to pick everyone up.
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    I agree with PP's, however if they are in your "wedding party" i might make an exception only because they will probably be helping you out in other ways and if they have already had the expense of buying the ticket, the dress, shoes, makeup, hair, etc.

    As for the other guests, they can fend for themselves =)
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  • cmeyer3946cmeyer3946 member
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    Agree with PPs.  I recommend the super shuttle for my guests which is about $20 pp.  All my WP is going to take it less one BM who actually lives there.  You're going to be so wrapped up in everything, that last thing you should worry about is making it to the airport for another flight.
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    Agreed!  We have kindly sent directions to those out-of-towners that are flying in on how to locate the shuttle or cabs when they arrive.  Some are having family pick them up but FI and I made it clear that we wouldn't be able to chaffeur them.
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