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Musician Needed

Hey girls! I am looking for a musician for my cocktail hour. We have a violinist for the ceremony, and DJ for reception but my vision for cocktail hour is a one-man band (vocal/guitar) acoustic style. Since it is impossible to hit up every Tampa Bay happy hour to hear/meet these guys, suggestions of people you know or have used in the past would be great!!
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Re: Musician Needed

  • That sounds like such a cool idea!! I am sorry I am responding to this with no help because I am not familiar with the Tampa Bay area but you did give me a great idea for my cocktail hour!! How creative to get the party started!!! Good luck!!! 
  • 60/40 is a duo that sounds like a 6 piece band. The singer Joe also plays acoustic guitar and is a music director. He performs with and without the keyboard player.


    Good luck

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