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Sooo, I've been thinking lately...that we haven't had an abuela update lately!!  I'm afraid I missed something..and you haven't been around!! What is going on!?!?!  Update me on your life =P

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    i want an abuela update too!!!!
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    Yes please update us! Did she go on her vacation to see her sister? Have they shipped her back to you guys yet?

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    Oh YES! I hope she's not as annoying anymore! For your sake, of course (but I secretly enjoy the stories haha)
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    Haha. I try not to post about it too often about her because I don't want to give the wrong impression of myself.

    For the most part - we just ignore eachother.

    :p I "yelled" at her the other day though - because she kept knocking on the  door for like 3 minutes in the morning to wake FI up. I ignored her because that's psychotic behavior to just continue to knock (He was in the shower)..and finally I was just like "THANK YOU!!!!" In English..hoping she'd get the point. Nope, next day..same thing!

    I got home today and said "Hola" because if yall remember - FI seems to think I don't acknowledge her enough - and as usual she just said "hola" and didn't even look at me. I think she dislikes my presence as much as I dsilike hers..:p

    She's also back to calling FI "mi corazon" and "Mi amor" which is my heart, my love...gag!

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    bahahaha! well thank you for the update! I was hoping she stayed on her long vacation!!
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    I keep hoping she'll get lonely here and move back to Omaha..but I just don't see it happening - and I'm not going to push for that cuz that's just cruel and unusual.
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