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lonely december bride

i was just looking the new weekly knottie list- and i realized i am the ONLY west coast FL  December bride listed.... i was wondering if there were any others out there that aren't listed? 

it also makes me kind of nervous... why did no other FL brides want to get married in December? :)
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Re: lonely december bride

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    >>why did no other FL brides want to get married in December?

    We almost chose December, because I thought it would be fabulous.  But here's our list of why NOT December:

    Because getting married in the non-tourist months is about 60% cheaper.
    Because we want the holiday break to be focused on the holiday, and celebrate the anni later on in the year.
    Because our guests want to spend December weekends at home, plugged into their own lives - not unplugging from their own lives for a weekend to be with us.

    I had a friend who really wanted to be married in the winter here, but she was stunned by the super high prices of everything from hotel rooms to venue, etc.  She chose to get married on the SUNDAY night of MLK weekend in January, and it was perfect.  Probably the best wedding I've been to.  And she said everything was discounted because it was a sunday wedding.
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    there are probably more that just aren't listed. i'm not listed, i'm late november though.

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    I'm technically a winter bride - Feb. 27, 2011!

    We actually should have probably chose to have the wedding in December. I'm currently going to law school in Chicago (my fiance is still in Florida and the wedding will be in Florida), and I get a month break from December 20 - January 15, and it would have been nice to come home for a month and have the wedding, but I'm sure I would have been worried about my final grades all break. We ultimately chose Feb. 27 because it will be the middle of second semester for me, nowhere near finals, it gave me plenty of time to plan, and I'll be able to come home for a random weekend, which is always fun :) Overall I'm happy with the choice.

    I'm sure there are more December brides, so don't worry! Winter weather is Florida is usually the best time to have a wedding!
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    I am sure they are out there.  I have a GF getting married on December 27th so she could take advantage of the people who wouldn't have to travel twice and alreayd be there for the holidays.  I think it's nice because people are generally already on a break from work and in a celebratory mood!
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    I'm a December bride!!  I'm getting married in Tampa Dec. 17, 2011.  I had no idea a 'weekly knottie list' existed!!

    My FI and I both live out of state, MI to be exact, but we decided to have it in December and in Florida because my parents live there and since my FI is currently in grad school, it fits right in with his schedule!

    Is your wedding this year?  How are you plans going?
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