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Sandbar on Anna Maria Island

Hi All,

I'm considering the Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island for my ceremony and reception, but I have a question that I am tooooooo curious about to wait until tomorrow when I can call them.

The Pavillion, where receptions are held- does that have some sort of floor or are the chairs and tables directly in the sand? I know they say that the pavillion is directly on the beach, but they say that about their restaurants too, and those obviously have floors.

I am curious because I really, really, really! don't want to have to be barefoot and in sand all night at my reception- they say I can rent a dance floor, and that's great, (and I will!) but chairs are too hard to move on sand. 

Help! I know this is a silly question but I'm going crazy over here! Anyone know if it's a wood floor or concrete or just sand? Thanks knotties! 
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Re: Sandbar on Anna Maria Island

  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    I believe it's on the sand, unless i confuse it with the Beach House?
  • bnwgatorbnwgator member
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    Beach House appears to have a wood plank floor. I was just watching a video online of a wedding and it appears that the pavilion at sandbar has a sand floor, which rules it out for me.    :(
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  • teachermegsteachermegs member
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    You are right, The Sandbar is all in sand and you can rent a dance floor. I am getting married there and I was looking at pictures (don't remember where), but I saw that they had some sort of green flooring. If you like it there, email Patti and ask her about putting a floor down.
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    teachermegs is correct - sand at the Sandbar, wood decking at the Beach House - I am getting married at BH but checked out Sandbar too.
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