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Private Mansions for Weddings?

My fiance and I are looking for a unique venue for our wedding in the Tampa Bay area. We initially fell in love with the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, but figured it'd be too far of a drive for some of our guests. Does anyone know of any private mansions in the Tampa Bay area that are available for rent? Or, any unique wedding venues in general? Thanks in advance :)

Re: Private Mansions for Weddings?

  • I wouldn't call the Don Vicente in Ybor a private mansion, but it is an old restored B&B.  If you rent all the bedrooms (I think there roughly is 15 of them), the entire place is yours.  They have a downstairs "basement" that is pretty cool and the upstairs is old, 1920ish feel. 
  • this is exactly what i would like too! I checked out beach house weddingf fl sites but many of them are $10,000 + the costs of food, rentals, etc.  Was looking for something a little more affordable...
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