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We have our e-pic session today and I'm so nervous. I hate taking pictures anyone have any good tips?

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    Oh how exciting! Hope you have a blast! We are having ours done tomorrow and I know how you feel...I'm stressing. I usually hate myself in pictures. I keep telling myself that this is different because it will be professionally done. Good luck and have fun! Smile

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    Just relax and have FUN!  You got this girl!


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    Just enjoy each others company. Don't worry about always being aware of the camera. Some of the best shots are when you have no clue a photo is being taken of you! :)
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    Yes, totally what CeeCee said!  We just had ours on Thursday and the moments we forgot she was taking pics and just enjoying holding hands and looking at each other were the best!  ENJOY!
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  • sara76sara76 member
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    How did it go Lisa?  we're waiiiitiiiing.....  :)
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