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HI all, new to TK. I've been trying to find a venue for our Nov 2013 wedding and am at the point where I just keep seeing the same places over and over! So, I'm taking it here.

Non negotiables are to have the ceremony outdoor, not to have a beach feel at ALL, Not Lange farm (his last wedding was there.. uhhhh, Nope.), and to allow outside caterers as FI is a chef and has his own team he wants to bring in.

Id be willing to compromise: I reallyyyy hate that every banquet type room looks exactly alike, I want something unique. The dream would be a spacious patio type area outside that I could deck out with twinkle lights, though I'm compromising more and more each day.

Also, the cheaper the better, as we want the majority of our budget to go to an epic honeymoon in the pacific or Europe or somewhere. (cant seem to agree on that one lol), though not at the expense of the place LOOKING cheap and gross, KWIM?

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