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Save the dates? What save the dates?!

We are skipping right past save the dates and going for the meat and potatoes!  We ordered our invitations today because we just liked 'em so much. :)  We didn't see the point in spending more money on save the dates when invitations are readily available with all the info guests need.  So nyah. :P

We're thinking about printing our own enclosures.  If anyone has any suggestions for a simple and fun way to do this, let me know.
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Re: Save the dates? What save the dates?!

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    Yeah, unless you have a lot of people coming from out of town I don't think STD's are really necessary. I actually sent STD emails (using the knot's template) for mine because I got tired of people asking me when it was.

    I'm glad you found invites you really liked, congrats!
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    Everyone's from out of town! :)  We're just sending them invites 6 months in advance instead of save the dates.  To me, save the dates are just a gimmick by the industry.  Why can't I just send an invite?  So there. That's what I'm gonna do. Ha ha.
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    Totally agree with you regarding STDs.  Those are a relatively new invention, and some people who are over 35 think STDs are pretentious because they demand, SIX MONTHS in advance, that we consider your wedding date with highest priority in OUR lives as well as yours.

    But you can't really be serious about sending your wedding invitations SIX MONTHS in advance.  Oh, no.  That would be even more pretentious than sending an STD six months in advance because that would demand that we COMMIT to your wedding with highest priority...??  See schedule below:

    Q.How far in advance should you send invitations? What is the proper date to ask for the reply card?
    A. Invitations should go out six weeks before the wedding -- that gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules for the day and make travel arrangements if they are out-of-towners. It also lets you make the RSVP date a little earlier -- say three weeks before the wedding date -- so you can get a final head count and start making a seating chart (if you'll have one) before the final-week-before-the-wedding crunch begins.

    So your wedding is October 28, 2010.
    Your invitation mail-out date is September 16, 2010.
    Your RSVP return-by date is October 7, 2010.

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    We didn't do STDs either and most of our guest are OOT.  Most people received a phonecall from us or our parents when we became engaged so those we would invite were already aware anyways that a wedding would be soon to follow.
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    I think a lot of people would kill me if I didn't invite them before 6 weeks' time!  Ha, ha! 

    But seriously, most of of our friends need at least 3 months' notice at work.  Even my FI and I have to pick our vacation time a year in advance.  I actually think it's MORE pretentious to wait so long and then expect people to clear everything they might have already planned, spend tons of money on last-minute flights, and then maybe not even get a hotel room. 

    If we stick with our plan, It might be a little out of the oridinary, but my FI and are anything but ordinary!  At least people will have all the info up front and have lots of time to plan and save money for the trip. 

    Thanks for regurgitating the "sacred" Knot rules.  If I didn't already know the rules, I wouldn't have posted that I'm breaking them. :P
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